Corporate & Commercial Law




  The team of STOYNEV & PARTNERS advises its corporate clients in various areas of business in Bulgaria and abroad.

     Our team offers legal services in a number of areas of Corporate and Commercial Law, including:

  • Incorporation of companies, foreign branches and groups of companies-holding companies, consortiums, European companies and European economic interest groupings.

     We provide analysis of the goals of our clients and advise them on the optimal choice of company type for their specific business goals. Based on this analysis, we individually draft each document necessary for the legal incorporation the chosen type of company.

  • Corporate restructurings and transformations: mergers, conversions, consolidations, spin-offs and divisions

     We provide analysis of the goals and strategy of the transformation, SWOT-analysis of the company/companies involved based on the individual assessment of the role of the company for the purposes of the procedure, as well as drafting of all necessary documents.

  • Transfer of Shares and Stocks

     Our services include the drafting of the Share/Stock Transfer Agreements and all other documents accompanying the transfer.

  • Contract Drafting and Review

     Our team approaches each contract individually, with consideration for the specific needs, goals and interests of our clients.

  • Bankruptcy proceedings

     We provide legal counseling and represent our clients in merchant stabilization and bankruptcy proceedings, as well as any related proceedings.