Energy Law




     The energy sector is rapidly developing both in Bulgaria and in the European Union. The liberalization of the energy market has led to a number of challenges to companies operating on the energy field stemming from the increased competitive pressure. STOYNEV & PARTNERS provides highly qualified and specialized legal services to undertakings in the energy sector. We advise our clients on all activities in the economic chain of energy supply, ranging from the extraction and production of energy resources to transmission, supply, distribution and consumption by end consumers.

      Our legal services in the energy sector are highly sought after and include:

  • Legal counseling and drafting of documents relating to the extraction and production of energy raw materials

  • Legal counseling on licensing of new energy facilities

  • Legal counseling related to connecting new energy sites to the electric distribution network

  • Legal counseling related to the trade of electric energy on the stock market of electric energy

  • Litigation and representation before the regulators and the administrative courts