Contracts & Torts




  When it comes contract drafting and commercial litigation, the STOYNEV & PARTNERS team is always driven by the individual needs of each client.

     Our advice is highly sought after in a number of areas, including:

  • Legal advice in the field of contractual and non-contractual obligations

    Our team provides both written and oral opinions and legal counseling in the field of contracts, torts and unjust enrichment.

  • Contract Drafting

    Our team performs a comprehensive assessment of the subject of every individual contract and determines the specific clauses in accordance with the needs and goals of our clients. When necessary, our team communicates with representatives of the counterparties to the contract in order to formulate the relevant provisions for the conclusion of the contract.

  • Contract Negotiations

    We assist our clients on all aspects of contract negotiations. To help our clients navigate the complexities of contract negotiations, our team drafts comprehensive strategies in advance.

  • Securities

    Our team advises on and draft all documents related to the establishment of pledges, mortgages, guarantees and joint and several liability.

  • Litigation

    Our team offers representation in court proceedings related to contract breach and torts.