Data Protection




     Following the landmark European Court of Justice decision in the Google Spain case, data protection has been established as one of the fundamental rights of all EU citizens. As a result, a number of obligations have arisen for any entity that is considered a controller or processor of personal data. Achieving a fair balance between the interests of these entities is of primary importance with view of ensuring the normal functioning of the market.

     Bearing this in mind, our team at STOYNEV & PARTNERS provides specialized legal services in the field of privacy and data protection, including:

  • Risk Assessment;

  • Compliance analysis. Identification of any practices that breach the legal obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2017/679);

  • Development and implementation of systems for internal control for ensuring regulatory compliance in the field of data protection;

  • Development, coordination and approval of detailed plans for action with clear steps, responsibilities, deadlines and budget (if necessary) based on the assessment of the risk resulting from non-compliance with regulatory requirements in the areas identified;

  • Litigation and representation before administrative agencies.